The main working unit of the refiller – the ultrasound device has been taking the main task in the cartridge cleaning, since the cleaning baths on the market were hardly involved in this operation. They are used in different mixtures with distilled water, which the refiller cannot have sent to the shop, but must be purchased separately! 42 U-SonicFluid changes this radically! Already mixed it is added to your ultrasound and operated at 45°C. When the cartridge is immersed into the bath, it dissolves the ink in the nozzles and cleans cartridges which have been dry for a long time. At the same time it cleans and maintains the electronic contacts on the cartridge. 42 U-SonicFluid can be used in your unit, depending on usage, for up to 3 weeks. Evaporations can be refilled with ordinary tap water – thus without using distilled water and the necessary purchasing trips. You will be surprised what your ultrasound unit can now suddenly do!

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How it works
  • Due to its special composition it can clean ink that has become crystalized in the nozzles much deeper and more efficiantly than conventional cleaning products. Furthermore it cares for the circuit plates and reduces rust that may build up on them at the same time.

    For use in: Ultrasonic machines

  • ❶ Fill the Ultrasound with fluid U-Sonic.

    ❷ Set the temperature of the machine at 45 degrees celsius. The fluid lasts 3-6 weeks and when it evaporates can be filled with tap water , distilled water is not necessary.

    Important: Do not mix with other products.

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