Whether the result of a refill is successful or not, depends very much of the previous cleaning of it. Not all the clients bring a cartridge in good or perfect condition to the refill-shop, many customers do not print frequently or bring cartridges stored over month or even years, hoping that the refill-shop will be able to fix the cartridge and make it run. There is the challenge of the refiller ; because the costumer would like to save money!!! and will be thankful if his old cartridge could be refilled and reused.

So far print heads and nozzles of a cartridge could be “cleaned”, using the ultrasonic filled with distilled water, mixed with different cleaning-liquids. Just that this cleaning was no more than a superficial cleaning, while blocked channels of the cartridge could not be reached and set free from dirt. Result: the cartridge was printable for just a short time…or even stayed irremediable! And therefore 42 cleaning liquids were born.

Due to the special compositions of the liquids we attain a deep cleaning up to the channels of the cartridge, where dirt particles are dissolved and bound and thereby can be removed through the channels. Another important and interesting aspect of the U-Sonic liquid is …it liberates contacts of the print head from oxidations, maintains the print head and protects the circuit board against electrical charge…the latter is often the cause why a cartridge will not be recognized anymore by the printer and reports an “ERROR”.

All these positive properties of the products have been tested over a long period and directly in several refill-shops in the daily work! Results were just much better than expected.

With 42 cleaning products, the refiller has about a liquid “tool” which makes it possible to fill even old and long time stored cartridges still several times. The customer will be impressed and happy to save money.

42 cleaning liquids… made from a refill-shop! for refill-shops!

Our liquids

Makes very dry black cartridges printable read more
U-Sonic Fluid
Dissolves dry ink in the nozzles / liberates contacts from oxidation / maintains print head / protect from electrical charge. read more
Free Me
Attract dirt-particles and deep cleans read more
Spin Me
Cleans cartridge sponges efficently. read more
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Aspires ink / liquids. Easy cleaning and disinfection. Portable and easy to handle. read more