Due to its composition, the liquid attracts particles of black ink (dry) joins them and passes through the capillary channel and the head, which dilate by ultrasound heat (45 º). By this feature depth clean the injectors and not only flushes the cartridge.

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How it works
  • Attracts particles of dried black ink and deep cleans the injectors of the cartridge.

    For use in: Black cartridges

  • After opening the cartridge rinse with water and then fill the chambers with 3-4 ml of 42 Black

    ❶ Put the cartridge in the ultrasonic bath filled with U-Sonic Fluid and let 42 Black! act accordingly.

    ❷ Suck the liquid with your suction unit (e.g Aspiramax) through the nozzles. If the print only shows a weak color the cartridge is ready to be refilled again. Then attach the lid of the cartridge with hot glue. Even heavily dried up inkjet cartridges are reusable with 42 Black again in a very short time!

  • "How-To-Do" manual Cartridge cleaning with FreeMe! Open PDF file

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